Extra Life 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Charity November 3rd

In a world with no “continues” or “restarts” everyone could use an Extra Life.

Allen Chi wants to help spread awareness to all gamers that they too could do what they love and help children in need along the way. The thing that relates all gamers is determination, to win, to beat the game, to have fun. But what if you could do more with your passion for gaming?

Allen Chi Extra Life

Extra Life is an organization founded in 2008 that has since grown to be a leading company in supporting children in need. Through the boom of streaming and video sharing services, Extra Life found help in the niche video gaming community raising millions to support local children hospitals and grow larger communities. Allen Chi wants gamers to know about Extra Life’s upcoming “Game Day" charity event.

On November 3rd each year, Extra life challenges the community to fundraise through playing video games for 24hrs. You can sign up as an individual donator or join a team and help raise money together to see if you can get on the leaderboards.

Rooster Teeth is a popular supporter and partner of Extra Life. Every year they would hold an event to raise money and awareness. In 2017 they reached their stretch goal of raising over a million dollars. The way they go about it is to stream from their studio with well known personalities on stage entertaining the masses with comedic shenanigans. As more people donate, they would have goals in which their personalities would have to commit to challenges or random acts of ridiculousness as a reward for viewers who donate. Not only that they give away in house products.

So, you could play, you could watch someone else play, as long as you donate and help some children out and get the care they need. Extra Life makes video games for than just a game, but a way to make a positive impact on the world around you.

Check out other cool gaming charities supported by Allen Chi on his website: http://allenchi.org/gaming-charities/.


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